‘In Search of Thomas McGreevy’ – National Gallery of Ireland

Thomas McGreevy (1893 – 1967) was one of the great Irish figures in the world of Art and Culture. As well as being an accomplished poet and close friend of such figures as Samuel Beckett and James Joyce, he was Director of the National Gallery of Ireland from 1950 – 1963. The purpose is to explore the character and personality of Thomas McGreevy and his impact on the National Gallery of Ireland, and to demonstrate how the use of archives and primary sources can give any one of us an insight into the real nature of an individual and an institution.


‘Pride, Prejudice and Passion’ – Durham University Library

Does marriage provoke both love and hate? Does prejudice affect our judgement? These are some of the themes to be illustrated in an exhibition at the Palace Green Section of Durham University Library.

As the Library’s contribution to Archive Awareness Month – with its theme of ‘Love and Hate’ – the exhibition will display the width and depth of the collections – from the documents of hasty Gretna Green marriages, with all their consequences, to poignant correspondence from those separated by the wars of the 20th century.

Amazing Drone Footage Of The Scottish Landscape

Fans believe an incredible drone footage showing the Scottish landscape should be used as the country’s national advert because it showcases Scotland and its spectacular scenery. The epic footage, which was created by professionals at LA Media, an Edinburgh aerial cinematography company and posted to Facebook in December has racked up more than 50, 000 views.


The drone footage which has impressed people from all over the world is a combination of all the video footages taken by different drones with camera throughout 2015.


The footage features a lot of incredible backdrops including the industrial ports of Scotland’s central belt, the Highland mountains, cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the cliffs of Orkney, and a mountain pass that runs between Loch Fyne and Tarbet popularly called the Rest and be Thankful road. According to the business manager at LA Media, Louise Adams, “We produced a roundup of all the year’s videos, pulling together lots of the 2015 footage, and we’ve been really happy with the results.” “The reaction from everyone who has seen the video has been wonderful and encouraging.”


“It seems to absolutely resonate with different types of people – people living in Scotland, people working in Scotland, and Scots who currently live abroad – bringing back a lot of the memories they used to have. It allows them to see different views of the country and parts of Scotland that they possibly have never seen before – a lot of the commenters have been saying they would love to visit.”


The footage was recorded by DronesGlobe DJI Inspire rig, Gremsy gimbal, and the ‘heavy lift’ Vulcan Raven along with cameras like the Panasonic Lumix GH4, Arri Alexa Mini, Canon 5D, and the Red Dragon. The footage is also accompanied by soaring classical music which provides a backdrop to the film. The music was composed by the in-house composer at LA Media. The video has also been submitted as one of the entries at the New York City Drone Film Festival competition with Louise adding that “The video has already been viewed by people from different parts of the world including America, France, Germany, and India.”